Friday, August 03, 2007

Last blog until my paradigm shifts

When a person receives a life changing health diagnosis, it calls upon them to, well, change their life.

Although I have enjoyed writing this blog, and having the occasional exchange with the reader, my body notices that every time I engage in a lengthy sit at the computer, it is not enjoying itself. So, I am resolved to spend less rather than more time in computer related activities, and more time engaged in enjoying the present moment, and especially relating to nature.

One of the most exciting experiences in the last month was seeing a leucistic crow in my backyard. I know this is a crow, because it was strutting its stuff with 3 other certifiably black crows. I looked up albinism on the internet--although this crow is not white, and discovered there is another condition that can affect birds of a variety of species. Leucistic comes from the root leu, which refers to whiteness. So I had the wonderful experience of viewing an exceptional crow, which spent about 2 hours in my backyard.

I choose to regard the visit from this crow as a positive omen, and hope you do too.

So, my plan is to use my voicebox for its god given purpose, my hands to write, paint and do other good things, and leave the internet for occasional research and email exchanges. I would love to talk with friends who care about me. I can also be reached by a listed phone number in the Winona, Minnesota phone book.

With peace and love, Martha